Legends Sports League is a recreational sports league that caters to both adult and youth sports. Based in Fairfax, VA, Legends offers adult basketball, baseball, and pickleball as well as youth basketball.

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2021 Legends Gold Challenge!

We will track the gold winners in all our 2021 Legends events...the top 5 or so winners (tie-break is least games lost) will choose from the prizes listed below, in order of # golds won, and wrap around until all are gone!  You will also get top priority in our limited-space Legends Luray events for 2022!

The overall gold champion will receive a massive trophy, and be highlighted on our site as the 2021 Top Legend!


Prize List:

  1. $100 Legends Credit
  2. $50 Legends Credit
  3. ONIX 2-in-1 Net System
  4. ONIX Premiere Paddle
  5. ONIZ Z5 Paddle
  6. ONIX Equipment Bag
  7. ONIX Player Jersey
  8. ONIX 4-Pack Pickleballs

So sign up for as many upcoming Legends events as possible!   See "UPCOMING EVENTS" tab on our site for details.

Here is our anticipated Legends list of 2021 events where gold medals/pins will be won:

  1. Sunday Morning Winter League (complete)
  2. Sunday Morning Spring League (in progress)
  3. Spring Fling Tournament (complete)
  4. "Legends in Luray" Spring Series (starts May 15)
  5. dink dink, BANG! Summer Tournament (TBA)
  6. "Legends in Luray" Summer Series (TBA)
  7. Legends Championships Fall Tournament
  8. Sunday Morning Fall League (TBA)
  9. "Legends in Luray" Fall Series (TBA)
  10. Winter Classic Winter Tournament


Current 2021 Gold Medalist Champions (as of April 17, post Spring Fling! )

Name # Golds
Baatarkhuyag, Oyuka 3
Chandler, Aaron 2
Chandler, Kristen 2
Keenum, Christian 2
Kowalick, Kaley 2
Lai, Man (Manny) 2
Barker, Christina (Christie) 1
Ben-David, Maya 1
Berkowitz, Jacki 1
Butler, Jerry 1
Campbell, Steve 1
Chattrabhuti, Jib 1
Cooper, Kirk 1
Dambasuren, Toogy 1
Farabow, Amy 1
Gardner, Andy 1
Groombridge, Hermann 1
Ho, Thuy 1
Huffman, Laura 1
Kennerley, William 1
Krasner, Jordan 1
Linkous, Candi 1
Linn, Monica 1
Lisack, John 1
Luftgrass, Rob 1
Maher, Sara 1
Major, Andrea 1
McKee, Scott 1
Miller, Jen 1
Newhard, Frank 1
Nguyen, Trang 1
Palman, Chad 1
Rider, Brandon 1
Rosenblum, Len 1
Rupp, Leland 1
Salley, Tom (Sal) 1
Saylor, Joshua 1
Shifflett, Christina 1
Sisson, Becky 1
Sonnier, Jennifer (Jenny) 1
Spancake, Alex 1
Szczepkowski, Alex 1
Tees, Stephen 1
Titus, Stephen (Steve) 1
Tomer, Rohan 1
Torgesen, Ryan 1
Truong, Vi 1
Whaler, Sandra (Sandy) 1
Wright, Dan 1