Legends Sports League is a recreational sports league that caters to both adult and youth sports. Based in Fairfax, VA, Legends offers adult basketball, baseball, and pickleball as well as youth basketball.

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Doubles on Saturday
4.0 Men's 60+                                                    4.0 Men's 60 U
  1-Don Tomb & Mike Knight                             1-Raymond Hamid & Joshua Saylor
  2-Jim Cantrell & Raymond Hillyard                2-Jimbo Peterson & Kevin Walker
  3-Jerry Clark & Johnny Morrison                    3-Levin Smith & Mike Whitlock
Unbeaten Gold 60+ winners Don & Mike (4-0, 8-1) not only won 4 of their 8 games by 2 points, but also escaped Jim & Ray Hillyard in the title game, 13-11, 12-10.  By again, a nail biting 2 points.  This 4.0 Men's 60+ bracket was pure competition!
In the 4.0 Men's 60U, Ray & Joshua battled thru similar stiff competition, winning the gold 2 of 3 games.  They then led the 60U medal winners in a separate "Open" Medal games vs their counterparts in 60+. 
The 60U (Ray/Joshua) won the "Open" Gold match-up but the big news is, 60 Under didn't sweep the Medals.  Bronze and Silver went to the 60+ men!  Jerry & Clark of 60+ knocked off 'Smitty' & Mike in the Bronze battle while Jim & Ray Hillyard d. Jimbo & Kevin in the open Silver.
3.5+ Women's Doubles                                   3.0 Women's Doubles
  1-Robyn Cobb & Melissa Milar                       1-Elizabeth Woodruff & Jennifer Miller
  2-Karen Pearson & Beth Kendrick                  2-Katie Brooks & Rose Hamid  
  3-Barbara Brenner & Jane Hoge                     3-Kathleen Bavely & Jeanne Raeder
Robyn & Melissa went 2-1, in pool play (3-1, 6-3 overall) and then faced their only loss in the title game, Karen & Beth (3-0, 6-2 in pool, 3-1, 7-4 overall).  This gold match went their way as they took it in 3 games.
In the 3.0 W-D, Elizabeth & Jennifer (5-0, 10-1) blasted thru the tourney but needed a strong showing as Katie & Rose pushed them to 3 games in the gold match.  The 11-8, 10-12, 11-7 match was close enough to have their opponents tasting gold after the 2nd game!
3.5+ Men's Doubles                                   
  1-Jimmy Behrens & Tim Coughlin                  
  2-Drago Skrtic & Alan Shulman                  
  3-Ron Cortese & Mike Mitchell 
Jimmy & Tim C had an epic Gold game vs Drago & Alan.  The games went 11-9, 9-11, 11-9 tilting towards Jimmy/Tim.  Drago/Alan went 3-2, 8-5 for the tourney while the champs were 5-0, 10-2.
Mixed on Sunday
4.0                                                                       3.5
  1-Steve Vozza & Melody Litzenberg              1-Steve & Adriana Pavletic
  2-Raymond & Karen Hillyard                          2-Ron Cortese & Amy Farrow   
  3-Johnny Morrison & Beth Kendrick             3-Dan Wright & Tracey Yensen
Steve & Melody earned the Gold in the toughest Mixed there was at 4.0.  They went a perfect 5-0, 10-0 in pool & single elim.  Raymond & Karen Hillyard won Silver, dropping the title game in 2 games.  Steve & Melody were the best all around team (by stats) in the "Dink Dink BANG!" tourney this year.
Steve & Adriana Pavletic earned their gold Sunday starting in pool play, where they eeked out 2 12-10 games lifting them into 1st place in pool.  The 1st round in Single Elim looked bad, losing the 1st game 6-11 to #4 seed Rob R & Lori T before taking the next 2.  Gold game vs Ron & Amy was similar, starting off with a 4-11 loss before putting together 2 wins, 11-5, 11-4.  Dan Wright & Tracey Yensen placed 2nd in pool play before dropping their semi match.
3.0                                                                       2.5 (Novice)
  1-Tim Coughlin & Katie Brooks                       1-Mark & Kristen Cahill
  2-Jimmy Behrens & Marty Rosencrans         2-Marc Gordon & Gayla Moilaanen
  3-Gabriel Hollies & Rebecca Arjen                 3-Annette Bacon & Jeffery Bacon  
Tim C & Katie took Gold in 3.0 knocking off Jimmy B & Marty R in 3.  This Gold team went 5-0, 10-3 in the tourney while Jimmy & Marty were 3-2, 7-6 overall. This Pool Play story could be #3 Gabriel Hollies & Rebecca Arjen who went 1-2, but lost 3 games in pool play by 2 points.  Easily could have turned them from 3rd to 1st.  Or maybe even Joseph B & Monica P.  They knocked off the eventual Silver medalists 11-3, 13-11 in pool and were edged out for the semi's in tie-breaker by Mike K & Carol S.
Talking about stories!  Gold medalists Mark & Kristen Cahill knocked off Marc & Gayla for Gold only 3 weeks after stepping on a pickleball court!  Talk about catching on quick!  Look out 4.0's, newbies are on their way!
Singles OPEN                                                                    
  1-Jim Cantrell                  
  2-Jimbo Peterson
  3-Raymond Hamid
  4-Steve Vozza
Jim Cantrell proved that an Open Gold Champion can be overlooked by the untrained eye.  Cantrell wasn't pushed by anyone in the Singles bracket of the tourney, giving up 6 points max except to eventual #4 Steve Vozza, 16-14.  Silver went to Jimbo Peterson and Raymond Hamid took bronze, though going 5-0 in pool play.  There was a heavy field of contenders.. Drago (3-3), Jeremy Lasich (3-3) Melody Litzenberg (2-3) and a few others.
Defending champions will have premium seats awaiting them next year to defend their titles!  And remember, 
"rock the red - Pickle me Pink" (dink cancer) tournament on Oct 20-21.  It'll be on pickleballtournaments.com soon!



  • Cost is $30 per participant, $15 per event.

  • Team participants must register individually and list team partner in registration.

  • Participants are limited to one age bracket per day.

  • Team's age bracket determined by age of the younger partner.

  • If there are enough registrants at various skill levels within age groups, the Tournament Director may separate age groups into a variety of skill levels.

  • Skill level bracket (if applicable) for teams is determined by the skill level of the higher rated partner.

  • Tournament Director reserves the right to change the format and adjust the age/skill brackets based on registration.

  • Tournament format (double-elimination/round robin) will be determined based on registration, though double elim will be the probable format.

  • Detailed tournament schedule and format details will be on website Wed., July 4th.

  • Each participant will receive a complimentary tournament t-shirt.

  • Indoor balls are used for play, name & color TBD

  • Awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner

    Registration:  www.legendspickleball.com, 

Age Groups

Women's Doubles - Saturday, July 7
18 yrs + 35 yrs + 50 yrs + 60 yrs + 70 yrs +

Men's Doubles - Saturday, July 7
18 yrs + 35 yrs + 50 yrs + 60 yrs + 70 yrs +

Mixed Doubles - Sunday, July 8
18 yrs + 35 yrs + 50 yrs + 60 yrs + 70 yrs +



South Lakes High School
11400 South Lakes Dr.  
Reston, Va  20191

Registration Deadline

Tuesday, July 3




USAPA rules apply – Decisions by Tournament Director and Head Referee are final.  Some age divisions and skill levels have been combined.  This is a non-sanctioned tournament.

Round Robin / Single or Double Elimination Format (depending on format)
   - Winner’s bracket:  best of 3 games to 11 points, win by 2
   - Survival bracket and 3rd place match:  one game to 15 win by 2
   - Championship match:  best of 3 games to 11 points, win by 2.  (If the undefeated team   
      loses, another game to 15 win by 2 will be played to determine the winner
      Round Robin Format: Games to 11 win by 2 against all the teams in your bracket.

Players call their own lines unless it is a medal match.  Medal matches MAY have referees.   If you're interested in officiating, please let me know (tim@playlegendspickleball.com).  

You may bring a water bottle and a towel.  Please feel free to bring chairs with rubber based feet.  We want to make sure we keep this beautiful high school gym floor prestine!