Legends Sports League is a recreational sports league that caters to both adult and youth sports. Based in Fairfax, VA, Legends offers adult basketball, baseball, and pickleball as well as youth basketball.

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General Info for Inaugural Season:

  • All scheduled matches will be on Mon., Tue., Wed., and Thu. nights.  6pm+.  Fridays maybe overflow/option!
  • The tentative Legends Spring 2018 schedule (subject to change) is below:


  • Apr 13 - Apr 22 (Sun)    Open Registration
  • Apr 23 - Apr 26              Late Registration ($25)
  • Apr 25 (Wed),   Apr 26 (Thu)    Practice & Welcome!  
  1. Week 1  Apr 30 - May 4      OPENING WEEK! (Mon-Fri)
  2. Week 2  May  7 - May 11
  3. Week 3  May 14 - May 18
  4. Week 4  May 21 - May 25 
  5. Week 5  May 28 - Jun 1   
  6. Week 6  Jun   4 - Jun 8        
  7. Week 7  Jun 11 - Jun15       End of Regular Season
  8. Week 8  Jun 18 - Jun 22      Playoffs! 
  9. Week 9  Jun 25 - Jun 29      Playoffs!


  • Female or male.  Adults  (youth 17 and under must play on a parent team and/or have parent permission form) 

  • Singles and/or two-person teams!  You can play in up to 3 leagues!  (singles, mixed doubles and doubles men/women) 


  • Registration is just $59 per person for 1st league entered, HALF PRICE at $29 for a 2nd, & HALF AGAIN at $15 if playing in a 3rd!

  • Mon, April 23 - Thu, April 26 is LATE REGISTRATION.  Late fee of $25 is added to each division signed up for.

Anticipated Categories:​

  • Men's Doubles
  • Women's Doubles
  • Men's Singles
  • Women's Singles
  • Mixed Doubles

      Categories will be expanded or contracted depending on registrations


  • "A" Division ("Hey, I know what I'm doing!  But still not a pro."  4.0 - 5.0 Rating)

  • "B" Division ("I've caught on, can put the ball where I want at least 50% of the time"  3.0 - 4.0 Rating)

  • "C" Division ("I'm just starting or not hitting winning shots/dinks often."  1.0-2.5 Never played, newbie, beginner)

       Divisions will be expanded or contracted depending on registrations. 

Legends League Information:

Depending on the number of players/teams:

Ideally, we'll have leagues split into 8 teams per league.  Each team plays the other 1 time.  Then playoffs.


Men's Dbl Women's Dbl  Mixed   Mens Single Womens Single
A Division * Free Summer League for team! *  Free Summer League for player!
B Division Free Legends July 4 Tournament!
C Division * 1/2 Price Summer League for team!
  • Each singles or doubles team will be scheduled for 1 match a week.  *substitute allowed regular season.

  • If playing with teammate, please name when registering.  If no teammate, you'll be matched with a similar rated player.

  • Format is best 2 of 3 games.  Games to 15 win by 2.  Must play all 3 games.

League Standings (& tiebreaker):  

  1. ​​Overall Won-Loss record of GAMES (remember, 3 games per match!).
  2. Overall W-L record of the TEAM.
  3. Head to head.
  • All teams make the playoffs - Seedings in tournament are based on standings detailed above.

  • Start times will be 6,7, 8 (and 9 if available or needed).


Playing LEGENDS Pickleball Benefits:

  • Guaranteed one match per entered division each week!  *One hour court time per scheduled match.

  • Regular season Champion award/medal!  Playoff 1st, 2nd & 3rd place award/medal!

  • Best overall team award (based on W-L .pct!)

  • Individual MVP's awards/medals!

  • Raffle and prizes!

  • Legends Love!


Next Move:

When registration is nearing end of April, I'll begin to form leagues by ratings.  How YOU have rated yourself (drop down menu asks you to do so).  Leagues will contain teams of similar ratings.  As games and seasons go by, we'll have a clearer idea of our rating.  I will have real time computer generated output that will adjust your rating by how you're doing in your games.  This'll make it clearer next time asked what your rating is.  It'll bring those with a similar skill set into the same league, making competition even more exciting!

Registration will also ask what size and color Legends T-shirt you'd like, great for using during play!  But even cooler wearing in public!  (yes, I have a history of sensational, smile provoking, catchy & at times, edgy t's!).  Oh, and it's FREE to league players!


Scholarship & Sponsorship:
Here at Legends Sports, we are creating a history of inclusion!  We want EVERYONE to have an opportunity to play.  Therefore, we're setting up a scholarship fund that comes directly from sponsors* and those who donate to it.  It simply will satisfy the balance of registration fee for someone.

*sponsors will have advertising options.  Please for that.  Mid-season I'll have this page updated with details.


Rules (click for rules):


Locations (tenative):

  • Pine Springs ES
  • Freedom Hill ES
  • Mosby Woods ES
  • Marshall HS
  • Thoreau MS



May I bring a friend or is this a random draft to my team league?
BOTH!  You may bring a friend (name him/her at sign up).  OR, if you want to meet new people, I'll pull out a name from 
the "same skill set" hat and voila!, you have your partner!
Is the league play wide open age wise or do you organize matches like 18+, 40+, 55+.
League will be formatted INITIALLY by 'self rating' (2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 3.75, 4.0, 4.25, 4.5, 4.75, 5.0 etc.) regardless of age.  
HOWEVER if our numbers increase substantially in this 1st season, I'll adjust age groups.  Growing pains happen and this is one type.  However, a year from now this will not be a concern due to the number of players involved!

Did not see this or the actual locations of your pickleball sites ( saw names of schools).
Names of schools are where games will be held.  They have gyms and we'll be using those gyms.




Men's Doubles: