Legends Sports League is a recreational sports league that caters to both adult and youth sports. Based in Fairfax, VA, Legends offers adult basketball, baseball, and pickleball as well as youth basketball.

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 Sun 02/28/2021 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Chantilly, FieldHouse-Court #1 8:00a 8:45a  >Men Doubles>A Division> Evan-Zack Game Connor-Scott Play-in Game!  RC 
8:45a 9:30a  >Men Doubles>A Division> Jerry-ScottM Game Connor-Scott Quarterfinals!  RC 
10:15a 11:00a  >Men Doubles>B Division> Jester-Quan Game Johnny-Mark JESTER-QUAN OOT  RC 
11:00a 11:45a  TBD Game TBD OPEN  RC 
Chantilly, FieldHouse-Court #2 8:00a 8:45a  >Men Doubles>A Division> Jason-Tom Game Andy-Jimmy Quarterfinals!  RC 
8:45a 9:30a  TBD Game TBD Open  RC 
9:30a 10:15a  >Men Doubles>A Division> Jeremy-Ron Game Igor-Michael Quarterfinals!  RC 
10:15a 11:00a  >Singles> Blake Game BrianA Quarterfinals!  RC 
11:00a 11:45a  TBD Game TBD OPEN  RC 
Chantilly, FieldHouse-Court #3 8:00a 8:45a  >Women Doubles>A Division> Emily-Susan Game Patty-Sharon Quarterfinals!  RC 
8:45a 9:30a  >Mixed Doubles>A Division> Trang-Duc Game Jennifer-Scott Quarterfinals!  RC 
9:30a 10:15a  >Singles> Aaron Game Raul Quarterfinals!  RC 
10:15a 11:00a  >Mixed Doubles>A Division> CC-Jimmy Game Sharon-Jeremy Quarterfinals!  RC 
11:00a 11:45a  TBD Game TBD OPEN  RC 
Chantilly, FieldHouse-Court #4 8:00a 8:45a  >Mixed Doubles>B Division> Edie-Rob Game Caroline-Dan Quarterfinals!  RC 
8:45a 9:30a  >Mixed Doubles>B Division> KathyJ-Jim Game Jerusa-Lance Quarterfinals!  RC 
9:30a 10:15a  >Women Doubles>A Division> Amy-KathyS Game CC-KathyJ Quarterfinals!  RC 
10:15a 11:00a  >Singles> Stephen Game Jordan Quarterfinals!  RC 
11:00a 11:45a  TBD Game TBD OPEN  RC 
Chantilly, FieldHouse-Court #5 8:00a 8:45a  TBD Game TBD OPEN  RC 
8:45a 9:30a  >Men Doubles>B Division> Austin-Tim Game Jarrod-Shane Quarterfinals!  RC 
9:30a 10:15a  >Men Doubles>B Division> Dan-Kirk Game Colin-SteveP Quarterfinals!  RC 
10:15a 11:00a  >Women Doubles>B Division> Greta-Kym Game Donna-Suzanne Quarterfinals!  RC 
11:00a 11:45a  TBD Game TBD OPEN  RC 
Chantilly, FieldHouse-Court #6 8:00a 8:45a  TBD Game TBD OPEN  RC 
8:45a 9:30a  TBD Game TBD OPEN  RC 
9:30a 10:15a  >Men Doubles>B Division> Andy-Rob Game Eric-John Quarterfinals!  RC 
10:15a 11:00a  TBD Game TBD OPEN  RC 
11:00a 11:45a  TBD Game TBD OPEN  RC