Legends Sports League is a recreational sports league that caters to both adult and youth sports. Based in Fairfax, VA, Legends offers adult basketball, baseball, and pickleball as well as youth basketball.

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 Sun 12/29/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Chantilly, FieldHouse-Court #1 8:15a 9:00a  >Mixed Doubles>B Division> Vi-Huy Game Kristen-Aaron Week 4  RC 
9:00a 9:45a  >Mixed Doubles>B Division> Claudia-MarkSt Game Aly-Chris Week 4  RC 
9:45a 10:30a  >Men Doubles>A Division> Len-Stefan Game Doug-MarkSh Week 4  RC 
10:30a 11:15a  >Women Doubles>B Division> Patricia-Sandra Game Lauren-Sally Week 4  RC 
Chantilly, FieldHouse-Court #2 9:00a 9:45a  >Men Doubles>A Division> Kevin-Max Game Evan-Zack Week 4  RC 
9:45a 10:30a  >Men Doubles>B Division> Curran-MarkSt Game Michael-SteveP Week 4  RC 
10:30a 11:15a  >Singles>A Division> Hayes Game Chuck Week 4  RC 
Chantilly, FieldHouse-Court #3 8:15a 9:00a  >Mixed Doubles>B Division> Christine-John Game Karen-Brian Week 4  RC 
9:00a 9:45a  >Mixed Doubles>B Division> Dana-Tim Game Sally-Jason Week 4  RC 
10:30a 11:15a  >Women Doubles>B Division> Elizabeth-Kathy Game Claudia-Jeanne Week 4  RC 
Chantilly, FieldHouse-Court #4 8:15a 9:00a  >Mixed Doubles>A Division> Rebecca-Gabe Game Tasha-Kevin Week 4  RC 
9:45a 10:30a  >Singles>A Division> Jason Game Aly Week 4  RC 
10:30a 11:15a  >Men Doubles>A Division> Rob-SteveT Game Bill-SteveE Week 4  RC 
Chantilly, FieldHouse-Court #5 8:15a 9:00a  >Mixed Doubles>B Division> Jennifer-Michael Game Roxanne-Dan Week 4  RC 
9:00a 9:45a  >Men Doubles>A Division> Jimmy-Tom Game Jeremy-Ron Week 4  RC 
9:45a 10:30a  >Women Doubles>B Division> Jane-Miriam Game Amy-Andrea Week 4  RC 
10:30a 11:15a  >Singles>A Division> Stefan Game Ron Week 4  RC 
Chantilly, FieldHouse-Court #6 8:15a 9:00a  >Mixed Doubles>A Division> AmyH-Rob Game Andrea-Jimmy Week 4  RC